Government Approval

On May 6, 2021, the City Council approved the “Campaign Against Trash”

“The City Council, Public Services and Finance Commissions approved the initiative of Councilor, Saúl López Orozco, to carry out an awareness campaign,
promoted by John Benus.”

Source: Puerto Vallarta City Council

Government Comments

“We congratulate John Benus on his ‘Campaign Against Trash’ to help motivate the citizens of Puerto Vallarta to keep our streets, rivers, canals and beaches clean.”

Jessica Carolina Ortiz Sanchez
President, Puerto Vallarta City Council

“This letter is to congratulate you and wish you the best of success in your ‘Campaign Against Trash’, but not before reiterating my highest esteem. Your friend.”

Susana Rodriguez Mejia
Director of Coastal Tourism, State of Jalisco

“We gladly accept your offer of the ‘Campaign Against Trash’ magnetic signs that will be placed on our trash collection trucks. Thank you for your valued contribution and support. I remain at your service.”

Jorge Armando Ibarria
Director of Municipal Public Services, Puerto Vallarta

“Thank you for dedicating your time to our port and the desire to improve the culture of the people of Vallarta, regarding the ‘Campaign Against Trash’.”

Jose Rodriguez González
Puerto Vallarta City Council

“We hope to see you again soon. Thank you for your time and efforts doing a great job for Mascota!”

Raul Moreno
Presidente, Pueblo Magico Committee Mascota

“John and Margaret have a ‘Campaign Against Trash’ environmental initiative. When they approached me about it, I did not hesitate to support the campaign.”

Martin Guzman
Mayor, Talpa de Allende

“Congratulations on your initiative ‘Campaign Against Trash’ project, creating a way to educate and raise awareness among our people to present a better image of our island to the entire world. Reiterating my highest esteem and cooperation.”

Irene Saez Conde
Governor, State of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela